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Keeping Port Colborne open for business

In the next 5 weeks I will be blogging about the issues as I see  them  and as I have been able to extrapolate from the last 4 years.  Please feel free to comment and discuss the issues.  I do not have all the answers but feel free to contact me and I am willing to discuss them.

My friends,  this issue is extremely important to our city and The Niagara Region.  We have often been told we need more activity on this file.   Council has been very active on this issue although there has been very little public knowledge of the activity.  Confidentiality  is necessary to be able to gain the trust of all industries that are interested in Port Colborne.  All industries demand this confidentiality or they will not even entertain a visit to the city in question.  There is some great interest in Port Colborne due to our positioning on the canal, the rail lines and the mid-peninsula corridor that has become a priority to the Region and Province.

This council has been very active in inviting and showing off our great city.  We have been very cognizant of the need to drive this file forward.  Any individual that tells you that we have not been active is not aware of the realities of the file.  I must also state that much of the activity is often done in camera which makes much of the information out of reach of the citizen until the industry is prepared to make their decision public.  Council has been as active as we can be.

As a city we have prepared documents that are sent to such industries indicating to them the amenities and the fact that we are on the canal, rail line and highway as well as our proximity to the USA border.  This gives any industry the ability to reach millions of people .  Our closeness to the USA border should give us an advantage that many other communities do not have.  It has attracted some interest and we continue to actively interact with these industries.  Will they all come to Port Colborne?  I hope so.  Many of these industries have received packages from other cities as well.  Once the industry in question has created a short list they visit the individual communities to assess the fit for their company.  That means we may not get all of them but we are working at it.

This council and your ward 2 councillors have been very active at attracting new industry.  The fact is that most of the negotiations are done in camera.  It must stay at that level until the industry is prepared to release their decision publicly.  This cannot change due to the fact that much of it is covered by the Municipal Act.  The information is out of reach of the general public until a deal is struck.

Port Colborne is open for business and we must continue to be open.  We are actively reaching out to industry that is interested in  our city.   Your council continues to have your best interest at heart.  Your council continues to have meeting after meeting to negotiate a deal that will allow us to expand our tax base.

Last but not least is the fact that it is against the law to bonus a company.  The Municipal Act deems this an unlawful action by a council or city.  There are consequences to any city trying to bonus an industry.  All of council can be charged with this illegal action and can lose their position.  Examples of this activity are negotiating a deal with the industry that would allow them to use a building or land rent free for a number of years,  not paying taxes for a number of years, selling land at below market value,  etc.  All of this is illegal.  We often hear individuals request that council approach interested industry with some of these deals.   Not possible.  This type of activity is bonussing and NO city can do this legally in most situations.

Election 2014 is all about the issues that are important to you.  Read more about me and what I will do for you.    If you have any questions, there may be an answer in my frequently asked questions.  Feel free to  contact me with your own comments and questions.  Thank you for your continued support.


Getting things done

This morning I am waiting for the insurance company to call.  It appears that the evaluators have written off both trailers.  We have been shopping on the Internet and believe we have found replacements.  We are hopeful it will all be resolved by the end of this week so we can return and have a few weeks in our new trailers.

I will be returning to the camp site with my grandson next week to prepare for removal of our damaged trailer and take delivery of the new unit.  I will keep you informed of the progress and pics of the process necessary to get the new trailer and then getting it to the site.

We have just finished a great weekend with the Canal Days Festival here in Port Colborne.  It’s always a great time and, as usual, Port Colborne was a busy place all weekend!  There was a little rain on Saturday night but it did not hamper any activities.

The Canal Days Committee has already started the review of this year’s event.  This will result in adjustments, as needed, for next year’s event.  Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff that makes this festival one of the best in Ontario.  It always amazes me that a small city like Port Colborne has the ability to plan and operate such a large event on a holiday weekend that attracts more than 100,000 people each year.

In personal political news, I am preparing for Election 2014 in October.  I will be canvassing and mailing a flyer to every Ward 2 home in September.  If I have been of service to you and you would like to help with the canvassing, please contact me.

You can also follow me here on my blog, calendar, Facebook  and Twitter to find out where I will be.

I will be going back to Québec shortly to deal with the trailer situation and expect to return just before Labour Day.  Feel free to contact me after that time with any questions you may have about my campaign and position on the issues.  If you don’t know me and want to know more about me, have a look around my website.  I have a page specific to Election 2014 that will explain a lot about my political history as well as my next steps to help move our fantastic city of Port Colborne forward!


Getting Ready

Well, I am learning the process of writing posts on my blog. It isn’t difficult but there are many things to remember. Yesterday a friend helped me navigate the site necessary for posting on my blog page. This is my first attempt at going solo. Hope all goes well.

I finished my first flower bed last week and am now working on my other flower bed.   Boy, what a job.  I am very sore from bending over and clearing out all the roots of weeds, grasses, etc.  I also dug out flowers that are not producing, dead plants, etc.  What a job it has become!  The final product will be beautiful and frame the house well but… I will finish the rest of the gardens when we return from holidays.

This evening is the fourth installment of the newest event to hit town – the weekly Port Colborne Downtown Cruiser’s Association Car Show!  And what a hit it has been!  Last week alone there were more than 130 vintage and muscle cars and everything in between! If you know anyone that has a nice car to show off, share the association’s Facebook page with them and invite them to come!  It’s every Thursday night until September with the cars displayed along Clarence Street from West to Elizabeth Streets.   Drivers that register their cars on arrival (in front of Eataly) will recieve a voucher for FREE food and be eligible for prizes at the end of the summer!  If you are coming to the show, remember that the city closes the Clarence Street show area from 5p – 9p.  Thanks to the organizers and sponsors that have worked so hard to make this successful.  I will be looking for my friends on the street this evening.  See you there and every Thursday night this summer!

Tomorrow and Saturday are reserved for getting things ready for our trip and holiday to our trailer in the Gatineau mountains.  We will be leaving early (5:30 am) Sunday morning and hope to be by mid afternoon and for 3 weeks.  It’s a shorter than usual summer getaway because of fall election.  My son Luc will still be home since he has to work.

Got to go.  I need to play with this software to make certain I am touching the correct buttons to get the effects that I want.  I am certain my friend will find something to correct or redirect.  He is the pro and I am the student.  I’m not used to role reversals 😉

P.S. – Check out the new Calendar on my website.  It was activated a few hours ago and is included to give you an idea of the activities and meetings that will be going on in the months to come.  There are also listings of events in and around Port Colborne!  New pages and features will come online over the next few months that may help you know who I am and why I love getting involved with my community.  See you soon.