Media Images

The following images may be used royalty free by any bona fide member of the news media provided that credit for its use is attributed to Yvon Doucet.

Others wishing to use these images must contact Yvon to request permission before they may be published.  Thank you.

ydoucet_headshot_14-2.jpg, Color, 300dpi, 590×785, 149 kB



ydoucet_headshot_14-2_bw.jpg, b&w, 300dpi, 590×785, 74 kB



yvondoucet_ptcolborne_14-1.jpg, color, 300dpi, 1200×688, 302kB



yvondoucet_ptcolborne_14-1_bw.jpg, b&w, 300dpi, 1200×677, 213kB


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