What Are The Issues?

Read my blog postings for details of these critical issues and feel free to comment on the blog postings and/or contact me with your feedback.  What will I do for you?


6 thoughts on “What Are The Issues?”

  1. as you know Yvon making Port Colborne more accessible has been an issue for me for decades, what do you plan to do to make that happen?


    1. Hello Liz. I have been working with the Seniors committee over such issues. Our buildings must become accessible for all. An example of this is our new VHWC. It was build to comply with the legislation as it was at the time of the build but does not allow for accessibility for visually impaired or some of the physically impaired. The doors to many rooms and the pool are not accessible to the physically impaired. Bright yellow lines should be added to the stairs to help the visually impaired go up and down the stairs if that is the way they wish to go. Railings should be added to some areas to help those that are physically impaired but can still be mobile with some aids. None of this has been done although I have spoken to the operations superintendent as well as the director of social services. They keep telling me to be patient and that those changes will come but it appears to be something that will be placed on their schedule when they want it and not ASAP to serve those that are in need. I will continue to be a strong advocate for such changes in all our buildings and to be vocal when needed…


  2. As you well know I’ve been screaming about this stuff for cclose to 30 years now. There’s patience and then there’s paternalism. I’ll believe it when I see it Yvon. Oh notice this summer that there is no way for those in wheelchairs to access the areas where the craft show was at the Vale Wellness centre, no lines on the stairs to demark the depth either and those stairs are very deep.


    1. yes I noticed this as well. I hope to get that changed when we have the event again. The corporation that rented the facility had a closed attendance to the event. You had to be invited to the event to get in. I will try to make sure that all events are accessible to all but as you know it is a struggle at times. I started requesting accessible entrances to the facility and its rooms before it was even finished. The contractor kept telling me that it was build to the provincial standards in the code. In checking with our building officer, the contractor was correct and he only had to build to the code as it stood. He also indicated to me that much of it was changing within the next few years but that the contractor was in compliance with the provincial act.


  3. That’s bs and he knows it . ODA, the Ontario Disabilities Act was enacted in 2005 and ccame into effect in 2010. The late JoAnn Fortin and were involved in teh building code hearings in the mid 90s as part of NCIL. The craft show was not a closed event at Canal Days it was OPEN for everyone!


    1. I did not know that was the one you were talking about. I did not know that it was not accessible. I am sorry I was not aware of this. I will check it out and get back to you. You should have been able to access it since it was an open event.


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