Thanks for visiting my website and taking an interest in learning a little more about me and my family.

Mission Statement:

To resolve, solve and massage all messages that are important to those that I  come into contact with.

Core Passion:

To be accessible to and help people.


I was born and raised in Welland, Ontario.  After graduating from high school, I enrolled at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario where I earned a Bachelors of Education degree.  In 1972, I moved to Windsor to begin my first teaching job.   A year later I returned to south Niagara and taught elementary students with the Niagara Catholic District School Board until my retirement in 2005.  During my career, I returned to school part-time and earned a BA in Economics at Brock University in St.Catharines, Ontario.

I met my wife, Carole, while in my last 2 years of high school.  We were married soon after moving back from Windsor and settled down in Port Colborne. My wife was raised in Ward 2, on Fares Street. We raised our two boys, Eric and Luc who also live and are raising their children in our neighbourhood!  That makes for three generations of Doucet’s in Port Colborne!

Carole and I have also been entrepreneurial.  We owned and operated a food services business in the Seaway Mall in Welland for eight years.  We met a lot of new friends there and still see many of them!

My retirement has hardly slowed me down.  I have a lot of interests including camping, fishing, orchids, gardening, woodworking and “working out” in the gym!  In fact, probably the best place to find me is in the YMCA Gym inside the VHWC a few evenings per week.  But don’t look for me in the summer.   That’s when I have a recurring two month “business meeting” with the big fish at the lake in Quebec 🙂  And, yes, stay tuned to my blog and you might just hear about some of those meetings!

Besides all the fun of family and hobbies, I take time to volunteer with various local organizations, especially the City of Port Colborne’s key public events – Flavours of Niagara and Canal Days Marine and Heritage Festival.

Most of my time is occupied with my dedication to local civic affairs.  I am one of two elected representatives for Ward 2 residents in the City of Port Colborne.  I have been doing this since 1989 and in June, I announced my intention to run for a sixth term.

It is a very time consuming but rewarding job.  It allows me to meet and work with many people in the municipality and South Niagara. It is something I don’t want to give up too soon.  I am very passionate about Port Colborne and its economic viability, plus, it’s a really great place to live and raise a family!

Again, thanks for your interest in finding out more about me.  If you live in Port Colborne’s Ward 2, I’d be happy to help you with any issue that you may have concerning municipal government.  Even if you don’t live in this ward and you need help, let me know.

And…if you share the same interest in any of the hobbies that I listed above, I’d love to swap “old war stories”.  If you are into fishing, we can share our TRUE stories about all the big fish that got away from us;-)

Attention Media Representatives:

For further information, please visit my Media Room.


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