Outdoor Rink

Good morning everyone.  Noah is an enthusiastic young man that gave both myself and councillor Desmarais a petition and plans signed by his friends, hockey team and classmates to use Locke St. park for an outdoor rink.  This young man made his presentation to council and was given permission to build the rink.  At the meeting Councillor Danch offered the poly tarp for the bottom of the rink.  That donation was just the beginning of everyone coming together to make this happen.  The adults and children got together to discuss the possibilities of this build at the Bocce club room in the VHWC.  The plans came together and the build was scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 13 at 1pm.  After some discussion with parents and young adults,  it was rescheduled for Sunday, Dec. 14 at 10 am.

With Noah’s father, I visited the site to assess the needs and how to get the 4X4s to the area of the build.  We decided that the best plan was to go  with other adults and children on Dec. 13 at 10am to deliver the wood and prep the site, if necessary, to help on Sunday.  That happened with the help of 5 children and 4 adults.  Algoma also donated a tractor and driver to help clean and level the site.  All went well and we were ready for Sunday’s build.

On Sunday morning we met the parents, about 10 of them, to start the layout and build of this outdoor rink.  Everyone showed up with tools necessary for the task we were about to embark on.  I must also indicate that we had the tech teacher and 4 students from Port High show up at the  site and ready to work.  They were very helpful and indispensable in the skills and work they accomplished for us.  All I can say is THANK YOU very much.

With all the help, we were able to finish the total build including a snow fence around the perimeter to help with some security until the area is flooded and frozen.  We were also able to bring a set of bleachers to the site thanks to the strength and will of  most of the adults, children and Port High complement.   This will allow parents and other individuals  a more a comfortable area to lace up their skates and the skates of their little ones to get the out door experience.  Although very tired, all were extremely pleased with the outcome.  We now wait for the weather to turn cold so we can flood the rink.

I would be remise in not thanking all the adults that got coffee, tim bits, goodies and drinks for everyone.   Councillor Desmarais showed up with hot chocolate and home made cookies.  The mayor came for a visit and we had one individual, that doesn’t even live in our city, come out to the site and help with getting the snow fence we used to secure the site.  What a fantastic experience.  This continues today when I checked my phone and found an e-mail from Adam at Mak B’s Water.  This individual wants to donate a few truck loads of water to the site for initial flooding.  The surprises continue.  I will keep everyone up to date on the condition of the site and when it will be fully frozen for use.  We hope this will be soon.  See you around.


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