Outdoor Rink

Good morning everyone.  Noah is an enthusiastic young man that gave both myself and councillor Desmarais a petition and plans signed by his friends, hockey team and classmates to use Locke St. park for an outdoor rink.  This young man made his presentation to council and was given permission to build the rink.  At the meeting Councillor Danch offered the poly tarp for the bottom of the rink.  That donation was just the beginning of everyone coming together to make this happen.  The adults and children got together to discuss the possibilities of this build at the Bocce club room in the VHWC.  The plans came together and the build was scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 13 at 1pm.  After some discussion with parents and young adults,  it was rescheduled for Sunday, Dec. 14 at 10 am.

With Noah’s father, I visited the site to assess the needs and how to get the 4X4s to the area of the build.  We decided that the best plan was to go  with other adults and children on Dec. 13 at 10am to deliver the wood and prep the site, if necessary, to help on Sunday.  That happened with the help of 5 children and 4 adults.  Algoma also donated a tractor and driver to help clean and level the site.  All went well and we were ready for Sunday’s build.

On Sunday morning we met the parents, about 10 of them, to start the layout and build of this outdoor rink.  Everyone showed up with tools necessary for the task we were about to embark on.  I must also indicate that we had the tech teacher and 4 students from Port High show up at the  site and ready to work.  They were very helpful and indispensable in the skills and work they accomplished for us.  All I can say is THANK YOU very much.

With all the help, we were able to finish the total build including a snow fence around the perimeter to help with some security until the area is flooded and frozen.  We were also able to bring a set of bleachers to the site thanks to the strength and will of  most of the adults, children and Port High complement.   This will allow parents and other individuals  a more a comfortable area to lace up their skates and the skates of their little ones to get the out door experience.  Although very tired, all were extremely pleased with the outcome.  We now wait for the weather to turn cold so we can flood the rink.

I would be remise in not thanking all the adults that got coffee, tim bits, goodies and drinks for everyone.   Councillor Desmarais showed up with hot chocolate and home made cookies.  The mayor came for a visit and we had one individual, that doesn’t even live in our city, come out to the site and help with getting the snow fence we used to secure the site.  What a fantastic experience.  This continues today when I checked my phone and found an e-mail from Adam at Mak B’s Water.  This individual wants to donate a few truck loads of water to the site for initial flooding.  The surprises continue.  I will keep everyone up to date on the condition of the site and when it will be fully frozen for use.  We hope this will be soon.  See you around.


Santa Claus is coming to Town!

He’s almost here!  Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Christmas is on its way to Port Colborne beginning TODAY!  Don’t miss all the fun and excitement downtown this weekend!

It all begins with the Lionesses hosting “Breakfast with Santa” at the Lion’s Hall on Chippewa Road just north of Main Street East.  There are two seatings – 9am and 10:30am.

Santa then leaves and returns by TUGBOAT!  At 1pm, watch him come down the Welland Canal in the JW Cooper tugboat and disembark on West Street near Charlotte.  He will be welcomed by Music and Performance Niagara!  Then Santa will walk across Charlotte Street to the Guild Hall where he will hold an audience with any child that wants to talk to him!  There will be free hot chocolate, candy and kids will be able to participate in making Christmas crafts!  Kids will also be able to have their pictures taken with Santa. (A small fee applies)


Then the BIG EVENT of the day!  The SANTA CLAUS PARADE!  It begins in front of Port Colborne High School on Elgin Street at 6:30p and head east across Clarence Street to West Street.  From there, the parade will move one block and turn up Charlotte, ending in front of City Hall to greet our new Mayor John Maloney!

Something NEW for the parade this year – the City Council will have its own float!  Yup, I guess I’m part of the festivities so come on downtown and watch for me!  I’m the really tall guy being really nice to Santa so that I don’t find coal in my stocking on Christmas morn!

The Christmas activities don’t end with the parade!

On Sunday is the Grand Old Christmas Festival at the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum on King Street.  Some of the buildings and the museum will be open from noon until 4pm.  Come and take in historical Christmas, munch on roasted chestnuts, sip wonderful apple cider, bring the kids to have their photos taken with Santa and then walk over to Arabella’s for tea and their famous Christmas pudding that is only available for this one week every year!  And…speaking of that delicious pudding, did you know you can purchase some to take home?    Call the musuem at 905-834-7604 with your order and then pick it up next week!  But it’s only available next week, so hurry and call in your order today!  Oh, and the tea room will also be open all next week!

There are Christmas shopping events also happening downtown and this is a heads up that on December 31 will be the 2014 edition of the New Year’s Eve Carnival at the Vale Health and Wellness Centre.   It’s a fabulous and FREE family event!

More information about these events are on the special City of Port Colborne Events page!

Have a fantastic weekend and hopefully we will see you all downtown tonight!


New beginnings

 WHEREAS seniors living In our community have indicated to Councillors and elected officials that they have a limited ability to pay property taxes – forcing them to consider selling their homes;

AND WHEREAS many seniors live on a fixed income and often live at the poverty level once retired;

AND WHEREAS it is desirable and cost effective to individuals and their communities for seniors to continue living in their homes for as long as possible;


1 . That the Government of Ontario be requested to develop a new system of calculating property taxes, which in addition to assessed property value, takes age and income into consideration so that seniors pay less in property taxes than the average working individual.

  1. That this resolution be forwarded to the Premier of Ontario, the Ontario Minister of Finance, local Members of Provincial Parliament, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the Region of Niagara and Local Area Municipalities for support.

The motion above was passed on Monday November 24 at our last meeting of this term of council.  It should begin the process of discussion and resolution to the hardship that some of our seniors experience.  They can often live at the poverty level once retired.  There already exists a program that presently helps seniors with their property taxes.  It is managed by the province of Ontario.  Go to this link to get more details to see if you qualify for this program.  It indicates that individuals can receive up to $500.00.

Port Colborne is starting to replace all city street lights  with LED lighting.  The information we now have indicates that it will pay itself off within a short time-a few years.  These lights are warrantied for 10 years and all indications are that they will all be up and running by May of 2015.  The company that won the tender will be starting in December by replacing all lights that CNP report are out and need replacing.  Everyone must realize that these lights are very directional and will light the street and not inside the houses as the present lights do.   Light will go where the fixture is directed.  The LED lighting is considered the most efficient form of lighting.  Only time will tell if we can save a considerable amount of money in doing so…..  Have a great week.  Remember inauguration of the new term of council was on Monday December 1 at 7:00 pm in council chambers on the 3rd floor of city hall.