Getting things done

This morning I am waiting for the insurance company to call.  It appears that the evaluators have written off both trailers.  We have been shopping on the Internet and believe we have found replacements.  We are hopeful it will all be resolved by the end of this week so we can return and have a few weeks in our new trailers.

I will be returning to the camp site with my grandson next week to prepare for removal of our damaged trailer and take delivery of the new unit.  I will keep you informed of the progress and pics of the process necessary to get the new trailer and then getting it to the site.

We have just finished a great weekend with the Canal Days Festival here in Port Colborne.  It’s always a great time and, as usual, Port Colborne was a busy place all weekend!  There was a little rain on Saturday night but it did not hamper any activities.

The Canal Days Committee has already started the review of this year’s event.  This will result in adjustments, as needed, for next year’s event.  Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff that makes this festival one of the best in Ontario.  It always amazes me that a small city like Port Colborne has the ability to plan and operate such a large event on a holiday weekend that attracts more than 100,000 people each year.

In personal political news, I am preparing for Election 2014 in October.  I will be canvassing and mailing a flyer to every Ward 2 home in September.  If I have been of service to you and you would like to help with the canvassing, please contact me.

You can also follow me here on my blog, calendar, Facebook  and Twitter to find out where I will be.

I will be going back to Québec shortly to deal with the trailer situation and expect to return just before Labour Day.  Feel free to contact me after that time with any questions you may have about my campaign and position on the issues.  If you don’t know me and want to know more about me, have a look around my website.  I have a page specific to Election 2014 that will explain a lot about my political history as well as my next steps to help move our fantastic city of Port Colborne forward!