Getting Ready

Well, I am learning the process of writing posts on my blog. It isn’t difficult but there are many things to remember. Yesterday a friend helped me navigate the site necessary for posting on my blog page. This is my first attempt at going solo. Hope all goes well.

I finished my first flower bed last week and am now working on my other flower bed.   Boy, what a job.  I am very sore from bending over and clearing out all the roots of weeds, grasses, etc.  I also dug out flowers that are not producing, dead plants, etc.  What a job it has become!  The final product will be beautiful and frame the house well but… I will finish the rest of the gardens when we return from holidays.

This evening is the fourth installment of the newest event to hit town – the weekly Port Colborne Downtown Cruiser’s Association Car Show!  And what a hit it has been!  Last week alone there were more than 130 vintage and muscle cars and everything in between! If you know anyone that has a nice car to show off, share the association’s Facebook page with them and invite them to come!  It’s every Thursday night until September with the cars displayed along Clarence Street from West to Elizabeth Streets.   Drivers that register their cars on arrival (in front of Eataly) will recieve a voucher for FREE food and be eligible for prizes at the end of the summer!  If you are coming to the show, remember that the city closes the Clarence Street show area from 5p – 9p.  Thanks to the organizers and sponsors that have worked so hard to make this successful.  I will be looking for my friends on the street this evening.  See you there and every Thursday night this summer!

Tomorrow and Saturday are reserved for getting things ready for our trip and holiday to our trailer in the Gatineau mountains.  We will be leaving early (5:30 am) Sunday morning and hope to be by mid afternoon and for 3 weeks.  It’s a shorter than usual summer getaway because of fall election.  My son Luc will still be home since he has to work.

Got to go.  I need to play with this software to make certain I am touching the correct buttons to get the effects that I want.  I am certain my friend will find something to correct or redirect.  He is the pro and I am the student.  I’m not used to role reversals 😉

P.S. – Check out the new Calendar on my website.  It was activated a few hours ago and is included to give you an idea of the activities and meetings that will be going on in the months to come.  There are also listings of events in and around Port Colborne!  New pages and features will come online over the next few months that may help you know who I am and why I love getting involved with my community.  See you soon.


Running for re-election


June 23, 2014 – Port Colborne, Ontario

On October 27, 2014, the Ontario electorate will return to the ballot box to elect municipal leadership for another four year term.

Today I announce my candidacy for re-election to Port Colborne City Council and to continue representing the constituents of Ward 2.

I was first elected to this position in 1990 and held that post for thirteen years. After a leave of absence to resolve personal health issues, I was re-elected in 2010.

I have been married to my wife, Carole, for 41 years. We have always resided in Ward 2 and raised our family here. We are now three generations of Doucet’s residing in Ward 2 as our children and their families also live in the neighbourhood.

As a professional special education teacher, I taught elementary students for 33 years and retired with the Niagara Catholic District School Board in 2003. My wife and I are entrepreneurial and owned/managed a successful food services business for 8 years.

My dedication to local civic affairs includes participation on many committees including: Finance, Seniors Advisory, Environment Action, Transportation, Medical Education, Recruitment and Health Services, East Village Action, Every Kid in our Community and the Mayors Youth Action. This work is complemented by volunteering
with the Red Cross, Canadian Mental Health – Niagara Branch, Flavours of Niagara, Canal Days and others. I was also a board member with the local branch of the Caisse Populaire and am actively involved with my church community at St.Jean de Brebeuf.

I have worked diligently with my colleagues to assure that our citizens’ expectations are met while enabling public services in a fiscally responsible manner. I am proud to be a part of the city’s budget management team that has approved expenditures for much
needed improvements to the city’s aging infrastructure while delivering modest property tax increases.

One of the long overdue infrastructure projects in Ward 2 is the replacement of very old storm sewers in and around Humboldt Parkway, Wellington, Clark and Janet Streets.

The planning is nearly finished and the moment that federal and provincial funding is released, I will be there to see that this project is completed as quickly as possible.

While Port Colborne is a small rural Canadian city of limited resources, it is home to a diverse community with many needs. I have purposefully taken a leadership role in helping to build and implement the strategic health and wellness plan to meet many of
these needs. Some of the key successes include: recruitment of new physicians and other health care professionals and facilitating the opening of new clinics, the Vale Health and Wellness Center and the Algoma Skateboard and BMX Park.

As the beginning of the next Council approaches, there are outstanding issues that I will continue to pursue diligently.

The major “hot button” issue in south Niagara is health care. I will continue to be on the front lines to help preserve and prevent any further degradation of the critical services that we have come to rely on and will need into the future.

Continued investment in industrial lands is necessary as the West Side Industrial Park is approaching full occupancy. The new East Side Industrial Park has been identified by The Regional Municipality of Niagara as a prime industrial gateway in Niagara therefore it is incumbent upon the city to provide infrastructure that will attract prospective industrial employers to that area.

The CBRA was initiated ten years ago and the process has stalled. I and my colleagues have become impatient with the lack of progress. I will do my part to continue pressuring the MOE and the local company to stop the delays and finish the job.

The Mid-peninsula corridor has been identified by the Regional Municipality of Niagara as a priority transportation corridor. The proposed highway will further advantage Port Colborne as a cost-effective solution for new industries that would benefit from our
existing multi-modal transportation facilities and close proximity to major markets.

It has been my policy to be open and responsive to all citizens residing in Ward 2.   Representing them and all of the city’s residents has been time consuming yet rewarding. I count it a privilege to be a member of a hard working team of councillors and staff that have worked diligently to support improvements to this ward and our
entire lakeside community. I believe that our team approach has resulted in delivering maximum value to the taxpayer and that these efforts have been instrumental in creating a sustainable and model community in Ontario.

I look forward to continuing my work and providing the leadership that Port Colborne has received. I will strive to continue this leadership during the next term.

Yvon Doucet